Jeffrey P. 7/11/2013

Food was great!

Creamy mac and Cheese, both the BBQ and fried chicken were moist and juicy.

Onion rings were also very tasty.

Only negative was the kitchen service was a little slow, but food was worth the wait.

Brian C. 5/28/2013

This is a great spot in a beautiful part of upstate New York. The atmosphere is excellent - great art, decore, lighting, vibe. The bar scene is cozy and easy to belly-up to, yet plenty of room for a group of guys to watch a Knicks game. Good beer selection and I’m told it’s growing.

The menu has some tantalizing options. I didn’t order one, but the salads that appeared at our table were fresh and well-plated. Rave reviews about the steak, though I didn’t have any. We did an order of truffle fries to share and devoured them. Warning - they’re good, but don’t fill up too much on them b/c the rest of dinner is delicious and you’ll want dessert.

Here’s what I did have: beer marinated pork cutlets, asparagus, and a rice pilaf. The pork was cooked excellently and had a good flavor. Asparagus was cooked just right (I’m picky about that) - not too mushy but it did touch some heat. I had a bit of order envy b/c my wife got the pork stuffed with sausage and something else (it was a special) - that was the best dish on the table. My pork was good, but her’s was excellent.

Dessert was cheesecake (good, but I’m not a big cheesecake fan) and a carrot cake that was perfectly moist and had a good tangy/sweet balance to it. I think they’re made by someone locally famous, but I can’t remember at this point.

The service matched the atmosphere and food - all were great.

Jim B. 10/3/2013 If the burgers are any indication of the rest of the menu, we will be regulars. Outstanding fries, good wine selection,

Steve F. 11/24/2013 Excellent restaurant in the middle of nowhere (there must be something about Bangall, it has this restaurant plus the Red Devon - which is excellent). The Bangall Whaling Co. restaurant is just a couple of hundred yards from the Red Devon restaurant, but seems to be equally busy … and is significantly cheaper (though to be fair, it’s less refined and targeting a more casual customer). My wife loved her salad and I enjoyed by burger … good value (not cheap, but not that expensive) - plus nice atmosphere, good service, good beer … overall, very enjoyable experience.

M C. Manhattan, NY 3/25/2013 Bangall Whaling Company reopened about a month ago after being closed for a month+ for renovations. Patrick, the CIA trained chef is still there and appears to be running the place, which is good. He streamlined the menu somewhat, keeping popular dishes and dropping a few others. Fewer daily specials, which is not an issue. The food was always good there. The problem had been the service and inept front room managers. A new bartender who appears to have extensive local restaurant experience also seems to have managerial responsibility, which will help. The food is still very good. The renovations were mostly in the kitchen and food storage areas, not in the dining room and bar. If service is improved as a result of better management, Bangall Whaling Company should get another star in line with the quality of its food.

Josie Z. Bedford, NY The true local watering hole and our go-to for a dinner out. We live close by, and as anyone knows who drives by with any frequency, there’s always cars up and down the road. Friendly bartenders, draught beers and pub food available at the bar, or a sit-down meal in the main restaurant. All of the staff has been friendly and laid-back. Food is fairly-priced & filling, but certainly of high quality. If you’re early, there’s nice couches and games/reading material at the entrance.